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The team at Your Building Inspector takes a fresh approach to inspections. We have simple the experience of property buying by offering inspections of the lowest rates throughout South East QLD, from The Fraser Coast through to the Gold Coast.  


buyers who are looking for regional inspectors who are skilled and competent can go with Your Building Inspectors, and the inspectors will present a report to you within as little as 24 hours of the inspection. We are well aware of pricing sensitivity in the market, and we give our valued clientele the chance to benefit by giving them the ability to have the best regional quotes.  


We believe that price is a highest goal, which is why on our webpage you'll know exactly how much our services will cost you. When buyers don't have enough information, they might find it tough to select an inspector. We work to provide them with plenty of facts so that they can make a great decision.  


Even though buyers want to get a better price, building inspectors fully understand that they also want to work with someone that knows what they are doing. Buyers prefer to work with expert inspectors that are equipped to do their tasks. This is why, our professionals will bring a moisture metre and a thermal imager to all inspections. QBCC qualifications are something that all our inspectors have, and the individuals we work with are licensed in pest management as well. This means buyers don't have to worry about whether or not the inspector is capable of the work.  


New customers are able to submit a request online, including time and date, for an inspection appointment. Building inspectors that are knowledgeable about pest management will make sure they arrive at every request in just a business day. With no middle-man taking part and the original inspector working with buyers from start to finish, buyers have assurance knowing everything will be good.  


The right building inspector will put in the effort to change their inspections and help customers out at the earliest opportunity. Our offer is a solution that provides our customers with the lowest market pricing around, a good service approach, and also licensed professional inspection reports.

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